KCP is excited to keep moving forward and we have some upcoming plans for involvement by members and/or community artistic leadership. Please read the following and share with appropriate people:


Virtual Productions: Before we can commence such an exciting, new, thrilling, mind blowing experience we need to do some noodling to determine the unique opportunities and challenges that are specific to this type of performance. To do this we have formed a sub committee – BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TOO!! Our committee would GREATLY benefit from individuals who have experience working in audio/video and editing to act as resources to the group.. Is this you? Your mother? Brother? Friend? Attend the AGM to get more details!! The curtain will close on the opportunity to be a part of this sub committee by October 30th – DON’T MISS IT!!

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – Artistic Directors for Virtual / Streamed Productions (LINK to form)

Different times call for different measures! KCP is putting the question out to potential artistic directors and/or teams. Is there a musical production that you would like to direct? Let’s hear it! We have virtual options! We have live streaming options! We have access to licensed productions for both of these. OR, we can do something unique. We want to hear from you, our artistic directors and music directors. Do you have an idea for a production that KCP can create with the new structures of rehearsal and performance. KCP is ready to move ahead and provide opportunities for creation and performance! Tell us your ideas!
DUE DATE: November 21st or earlier!

Latest News

Culture Days 2020 – with KCP

Culture Days 2020 – with KCP

Check out KCP's participation in Barrie's Culture Days. We love Making Musicals Memorable. It's 2020 and we are still here, making plans for future productions. Stay connected!  KCP in 2020 YouTube video

Mamma Mia Cast List

Mamma Mia Cast List

We are proud to present the cast of KCP's Full Company production of Mamma Mia: Donna - Lori Dallimore Tanya - Lorie Hanley Rosie - Pam Sparrow Sophie - Victoria Dennis Sky - Keelan Ballantyne Ali - Kristine Hutchens Lisa - Katie Bekking Pepper - Aaron Maynard Eddie -...

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