Exit Stage Left is a brand new theatre podcast where Keelan Ballantyne, your host, will kick back and chat with past KCP cast and crew about the beautiful art form that is the Theatre! He will talk with them about their time with KCP and about what they are up to now. He will ask questions about their experience in the world of theatre, how they got to where they are now and any tips or tricks they picked up along the way!! You can catch Exit Stage Left on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts and everywhere that podcasts are found.

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Directing for Community Theatre

Webinar Series with Candy Pryce

Our first webinar series, “Directing for Community Theatre,” wrapped up in February and was an amazing success. Please click on the link below for more information.


While the City of Barrie has heard and acknowledged our concern over the Georgian Theatre and Fisher Auditorium, it is important that we continue to spread the word that the arts are important! Share your experience with the arts in Barrie using the hashtag #BarrieArtsStory and be sure to tag the City of Barrie (@CityBarrie on Instagram) to get our stories out there. Whether you are a performer, member of the crew, or an audience member we want to hear from you! Other helpful tags include #Barrie, #BarrieOntario, #MyBarrie, and #ArtIsImportant. We will be sharing some of our favourite stories to KCP’s social media pages. Feel free to tag your local representatives and friends as well.

KCP’s Virtual Chorus “Be Our Guest”

Latest News

Culture Days 2020 – with KCP

Culture Days 2020 – with KCP

Check out KCP's participation in Barrie's Culture Days. We love Making Musicals Memorable. It's 2020 and we are still here, making plans for future productions. Stay connected!  KCP in 2020 YouTube video

Mamma Mia Cast List

Mamma Mia Cast List

We are proud to present the cast of KCP's Full Company production of Mamma Mia: Donna - Lori Dallimore Tanya - Lorie Hanley Rosie - Pam Sparrow Sophie - Victoria Dennis Sky - Keelan Ballantyne Ali - Kristine Hutchens Lisa - Katie Bekking Pepper - Aaron Maynard Eddie -...

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