Well, sometimes life throws a curveball – or 2!!!
After thorough research & confirming that both ‘Annie’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ were available for community theatre productions, their agents have now pulled them both back. While disappointing to hear, KCP board members are excited about new possibilities and responsible planning. Here it is folks:
Youth Production – Beauty & the Beast Jr.
We are pleased to welcome Jo-Ann Buckley, director and Lynn Ashberry, music director as the leadership team for this production. Please watch for announcements of auditions to take place in June.
Full Company Production – Mary Poppins (contract received!)
With the change in titles, we have re-opened the application process for interest in direction or musical direction. Please email Julie by Fri. May 22nd if you are interested in one of these positions.
Studio Production – On hold
In responsible planning, KCP board members are looking at new directions with the 3rd show. We are interested in hearing from KCP members about ideas for musical revues and lowering venue/production costs. Please plan to attend the AGM on Thurs. June 18th to be involved in creative planning for the 3rd show. We are excited to see what members bring to the table. (We have a few ideas up our sleeves too, but can’t wait to hear yours!)

Along with dramatic show changes, the KCP board is seeing changes for the next season. Andree is stepping down as Chair and will take the position of Past Chair. The position of Chairperson is open to any KCP member. We are looking forward to another new voice and hope that someone who is passionate about the value of theatre in the community, and enjoys delegating, organizing meetings and keeping discussions on track (our meetings are often fun, creative, and fast-paced!). Julie will be stepping down as Past Chair, and looks forward to supporting a new board from a distance on individual projects or grants. In addition, a few other board members are moving into directions that require them to take a break from the board, but continue to support in other ways.
So this becomes an exciting year for change in KCP and a great opportunity for people who would like to take leadership roles in a very rewarding community volunteer group. If you know someone who would be a good candidate, please speak with them, and come to the AGM to support their nomination. Or maybe you have an interest and would like to put your name forward!