School Booking form – Tales of Andergrimm

SCHOOL BOOKING FORM - The Tales of Andergrimm online viewing

  • There is a $200 school registration fee for bookings with less than 6 classrooms. If booking 6 or more classrooms, the registration will be $150. Additional to the school registration, each classroom code has a $30 fee
  • Please provide the lead teacher/administrator contact for your school booking. This person will receive the individual viewing codes for each classroom.
    On-demand viewing is available for teachers to plan their classroom viewing within the instructional periods of their school day.
  • This production is geared toward primary/junior audiences. It is also suitable for teaching In/Sr. students story delivery, filming techniques. A follow up Q & A can focus on these areas of production for In/Sr. grade classrooms. (Please review the study guide for related grade-appropriate activities to prep for viewing)
  • Please let us know if you have a virtual classroom, or some virtual learners within your classroom. We will work to support these learners with online access. Provide as much detail as possible and Andree will follow up with you. Thank you
    A follow up virtual Q&A can be arranged for your classrooms. This will be arranged through the lead contact teacher/administrator of the registration form. If interested, we will plan a single session Q&A for your school, where the school contact will send our team an invite to their online session to discuss the school with your students. This virtual session will be with a few cast and crew members.