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The team that founded KCP’s Youth productions in 2004 are at it again!  In 2005 KCP commissioned Author Trudee Romanek to write The Tales of Andergrimm; a musical that is based on the Public School boards’ character trait initiative.  Lorie Hanley (Director) and Julie Underhill (Music Director) teamed up to bring the show to life and our Youth travelled through Simcoe County schools performing it.  It’s time to shake off the cobwebs and embrace a new cast who will this time take the show to the forest! In this production, Lorie and Julie are joined by Kieren Day who will take on the role of choreographer and movement. This team is thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity to KCPs Youth and look forward to your submissions.  The show will be rehearsed both by zoom and outdoors in our Simcoe County Forests where the filming will take place.

PRODUCER: Andree Day

CREATIVE TEAM: Lorie Hanley – Director, Julie Underhill – Music Director, Choreographer – Kieren Day


COSTUMES/SETS: Brenda Thompson


The Tales of Andergrimm is a Youth Production featuring actors between 10 and 17 years of age.  This production will be filmed and offered to elementary school in the fall. This is a 1-act musical with a 10-12-person cast.  The script merges together a few characters from both Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm fairy tales and children’s rhymes. Many members of the cast have featured singing and/or dialogue with their character(s). The story weaves these characters together and allows us to examine character traits that are linked to school curriculum.

Note about the cast of characters: As this show is meant to be presented to young audiences, the characters are animated and could be considered in a ‘melodramatic’ presentation.

A note from the Creative Team:

Have fun preparing your audition. Find a good quiet space to record, stand back from the device so that you can move a bit and we can see you. Do a short test to double-check the sound quality and picture. We don’t want to miss a thing! We know it will feel strange to record yourself rather than perform in person, but just go for it! We can’t wait to see your submission.

The online audition form will be live for submissions on May 16-21.

Online Audition Requirements:

You are asked to upload a song performance and short character presentation to the audition form that will be live on the KCP website from May 16th to end of day May 21st. Consider that your song selection and presentation demonstrate your range in abilities to dramatically present a character. This includes vocals, emotions, and gestures. Please ensure that your video captures all of these elements. Song: Select a song that allows you to present a character. Ensure your choice demonstrates your vocal range and illustrates some of the following feelings: silly, mean, shocked, sad, and scared. Include changes in emotion and be dramatic. Acting: present a short (1-2 mins) ‘presentation’ where you are the character from a Children’s Rhyme or fairy-tale OR you are an observer of the incident/situation in the rhyme or fairy-tale. Using the rhyme/fairy-tale as the base for your presentation, and in 1st person, tell us “the rest of the story”. What don’t we know about you or about the event? Have fun! Be expressive! Show us changes in emotion and pace. To help your creativity, The Tales of Andergrimm is based around the fairy-tales listed below. You may want to consider doing your presentation based on these characters;

  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Rapunzel (called Bridget in The Tales of Andergrimm)
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • The Ugly Duckling



Character Ed – jovial, friendly narrator who talks directly to the audience; starts our tale, but then isn’t seen until end. 3 solo sections and duet with 2nd part

Hansel – young boy who loves his father and abides by his mother, looks out for little sister. 3 solos, has to be able to sing harmony in 3 duets.

Gretel – young girl, fairly nervous about the world, loves her father, relies on her    brother. 3 duets with Hansel, including harmony, 1 short solo

H&G Mother – self-centred woman who cares little for her two children and only slightly more for her husband. sings with ensemble

H&G Father – hen-pecked woodcutter who tries to do his best by his demanding wife and two children he loves dearly. 2 solos and duet melody against harmony

Witch – nasty woman who lives alone in the woods, feeding on lost children. 1 solo, 1 duet/trio

Rumpelstiltskin – flamboyant, elf-like creature who can somehow accomplish impossible feats.  3 solos but rap or spoken

Brigit – teenage girl who loves her family, usually good at thinking on her feet. 2 solos

King – uncaring ruler who is only after wealth and power. ensemble singing only

Guard – quiet dependable servant to the king. ensemble singing only

Brigit’s mother – good-hearted woman who sometimes gets carried away, proud of her daughter . ensemble singing only

Royal hunter – serves the king ensemble singing only

Mother duck – basically good but harried mother. ensemble singing only

Ugly duckling – young persecuted duck, tries his/her best to develop a thick skin. 2 solos and sings countermelody opposite ducks

Mean duckling – the bully, enjoys picking on some and forcing others to join in

2nd duckling – a brash follower. ensemble singing

3rd duckling – a timid follower who has second thoughts, not totally with the “in” crowd ensemble singing

Swan – caring passer-by  ensemble singing


More details will be provided with the audition form, but here are production details that you need to consider before you begin preparing your audition:

  • Auditions are submitted by May 21st, end of day. (Audition form will be available from May 16th to May 21st)
  • Production timeline: rehearsals will start approx. May 26 to end of June. We will begin with music, then continuing into choreography and blocking.Rehearsal days: Sunday 1 – 5 (with potential for evenings closer to filming), Tues & Thurs. 4-7PM  **Filming will be in late afternoon and evenings.  (Note: individual virtual music rehearsals may be planned at additional times that work for a cast member with the Music Director)
  • A $90 KCP membership fee will apply and is due by May 30th.
  • Rehearsals and final presentation will adhere to COVID regulations and restrictions that are present at that time. All safety procedures will be reviewed with parent/guardian and cast/crew members.
  • Some rehearsals may be online/virtual (i.e. starting music/songs). Any in-person rehearsals will be either at the KCP unit (limited number of people in attendance) or outside where we will film.
  • Cast members need to have their own transportation to and from rehearsals and film locations. Parents cannot stay due to COVID. No carpooling due to COVID.
  • The production will be filmed – tentative plan for mid/late July (schedule is dependent on weather, completion of rehearsals  and restrictions). Rehearsals and filming will take place in the Simcoe County forests in the Midhurst and Oro areas
  • The final presentation will be offered to elementary schools in the fall. A study guide will accompany the presentation. Follow-up Q&As will be offered to classes, and cast/crew members will be invited to be part of Q&A sessions. A public streaming date will also be set in the fall, following the school presentations.

The Cast

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