The Music Man

About the Show

“Professor”Harold Hill is a con man whose scam is to convince parents he can teach their children to play musical instruments only using what he calls the “Think System”. Taking pre-paid orders for instruments and uniforms with the promise he will form a band, he skips town and moves on to the next one before he’s exposed.  Arriving in fictional 1912 River City, Iowa Hill finds his Modus Operandus is compromised when he becomes attracted to a local librarian, Marian Paroo, who recognizes him for the fraud he is.  Nevertheless, she falls in love with the smooth-talking charmer when he draws her self-conscious, lisping brother Winthrop from his shell.  When Hill’s scheme begins to unravel, he is faced with the choice of escaping yet again or staying with Marian and facing the consequences.  He chooses to stay, and is rewarded with unanticipated redemption; uncritical parents marvel and cheer as Hill’s newly organized Boy’s Band performs.

Play Credits

Book, Music & Lyrics by Meredith Willson
Story by Meredith Willson & Franklin Lacey

Our Team

Producer: Andree Day & Jan Ives
Director: Scott A. Hurst
Music Director: Edwina Douglas
Stage Manager:  Zac Neving
Set Designer:  Janet Ness
Costume Designer:  Audrey Turner


Georgian Theatre

Georgian Theatre
1 Georgian Drive
Barrie,  ON L4M 3X9

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