About the Play

THE RHYTHM OF LIFE – MUSICAL REVUE is a review of some of Broadway’s most musical, magical entertainment: wild, sometimes wacky, romantic, enthusiastic and energetic. It features full cast, choreographed choruses from A Chorus Line, Sweet Charity, Rent, Hairspray and more. Solos, duets and small ensemble numbers will feature our favourite ‘rhythm of life’ events such as parenthood, dating, growing old, jealousy and much more.  The show is presented in cabaret-style seating of tables of 8 and a cash bar. Venue: the recently renovated Ferndale Banquet Hall.

Play Credits

This show is a compilation of favourite Broadway selections depicting life, as selected by the production team and cast.

Our Team

Producer: Julie Underhill
Director: Janet Ness
Music Director: Chris Ness
Choreographer: Joy Thompson
Stage Managers:  Jen Burns and Charlie Tilley

The Cast

Marlo Alcock

Mariah Hodson-Walker

Mark Lyon

Gillian Lacroix

Ann Johnston

Aaron Maynard

Gayle Hayley

Bryan Johnstone

Dorothy McCallion

Lorie Hanley

Sheri Lind

Bob McEwen

Al McNair

Jen Raedts

David Nurse

Kevin Scharf

Lynne Ashberry

Walter Stewart

Janet Ness

Kathy Scott-Patterson

Joy Thompson

Julie Underhill

Owen Wass

Janis Stone


Ferndale Banquet Hall

Ferndale Banquet Hall
24 Ferndale Industrial Dr,
Barrie,  ON L4N 9V6

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