About the show

“From A Distance” is a musical review made up of songs that, in the musical from which they originated, were mostly sung from fire escapes, rooftops, castle towers, high rocks, “the heavens”, balconies, a stage, or “somewhere out there” in the universe among the stars. 
As the songs were amassed themes started to develop and we find ourselves mostly in the city and stuck in fairy tales and the mythology of long ago.
Some of the songs are declarations that everything will be alright, dream your dream, and that uplifting message that says no matter what, life will go on. Everyone seems to be building a brave life and looking for, or finding love.
To me it echos the very real pandemic messages of this past year and a half which have been primarily, even while maintaining a safe distance somehow find a way and whatever happens, don’t give up hope; we will come out of this alright.

The Production Team

Artistic Director – Janet Ness

Music Director – Chris Ness

Choreographer – Pam McIsaac

Writer – Dorothy McCallion

Co-Producers – Andree Day & Julie Underhill

CAST: Brynnley Peterson, Cadie Miller, Camdem Cryderman, Carley Beattie, Charlene Day, Christopher Delenardo, Ella Hamilton, Elsha Tiermersma, India Faris, Jason MacKenzie, Kari Bacon, Kerry Welch, Kyle McKim, Leah Potje, Lindsay Gallowitz, Lori Scholten-Dallimore, Lorie Hanley, Luis Garcia, Madeline Barks, Mandy Bortolussi, Michael Card, Owen Gariepy, Sylvie Potje, Tristan Adam


Venue – Online

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