Anything Goes

About the Play

The story is set aboard a luxury liner bound for London.  On the ship there is an obtuse gangster posing as a minister, an evangelist night club singer, a socialite traveling with her mother and her wealthy English fiance, and her ex-boyfriend who stowed away on the ship.  It all amounts to a madcap farce with gangsters, mistaken identities, and topical humour.

Play Credits

Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsey & Russel Crouse

Our Team

Producers: Andree Day & Sandra Ballantyne
Director: Nancy Sheldrake
Music Director: Chris Ness
Choreographer: Jessika Dean
Stage Manager:  Julie Butler
Set Designer:  Barbara Canning
Costume Designers:  Ann Fox & Yolanda Kerr


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