30th Anniversary Show

Director’s Notes

30 Years of musical theatre; 30 Years of enjoying ourselves; 30 Years of learning new skills; 30 Years of developing our talents… and 30 Years of pleasing our audiences. On stage tonight you will recognize a number of faces who have been with our group since its earliest days.  It was founded by Barb McCann and several others in 1977 as The Teachers’ Music Theatre Workshop and has evolved into today’s Kempenfelt Community Players.

Welcome, everyone, to our 30th Anniversary Show! We have a line-up of songs and an array of talent which we are proud to show you.  To try to represent 30 years of musical theatre in about two hours is both a privilege and a challenge! We are honoured to have been asked to assemble this celeration and to try to capture the essence of the many successful productions that we have mounted.  There have been so many high points through the years, and so many songs and scenes stand out as favourites  The challenge has been to select appropriate songs from a list of over five hundred, and to present them in an entertaining and enjoyable way.  We feel we have achieved those goals, and hope you enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

What you see and hear in every show that we present is really only a part of the whole process.  Each of our shows is the result of the combined efforts of dozens of people who rarely appear on the stage.  Without this support group, our shows simply would not happen.  Those who work behind the scenes on the KCP Board of Directors, in set design, building and decoration, props, costumes, musical arrangements, publicity, vocal coaching, stage management, technical aspects, box office, front of house, and so on are vital parts of the overall picture, and we recognize their efforts and thank them for their contributions.

It is always a pleasure to work with such a talented, eager cast. They bring their personalities, their skills and their passion to the show, and ensure that each production is unique.  They leave each production with a new sense of their abilities, a feeling of achievement and an added confidence which really shows!  It is an extra pleasure to welcome a number of former members to reprise the role they played in earlier productions.  The original Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble from our very first show in 1977 are with us, as are several others from many years ago, while other guests represent memorable moments from our more recent productions.

Community musical theatre, above all else, is supposed to be fun.  It has certainly been fun to take this trip down memory lane and to recall just a few of the many magical moments that we have experienced.  We hope (actually we know!) that some of your favourites are here.  We hope that the fun we have had in the past, and are having tonight, shows on our faces and in our performances… and we hope that some of the feeling goes home with you to sustain you until next time.  Enjoy the show, and,,,

Here’s to another 30 Years of fun and of delighted audiences!

Our Team

Producer: Tiffany Little
Director: Bob Buckley
Music Directors: Barb McCann & Julie Underhill
Choreographer: Sandi LaPlante
Stage Manager:  Brice Bunn
Set Designer:  Brenda Thompson
Costume Designer:  Sandi LaPlante


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Georgian Theatre
1 Georgian Drive
Barrie,  ON L4M 3X9

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