Aladdin Jr Audition Form

Stuff you need to know

*Ages 10-18 (as of September 4, 2018) may audition
*Aladdin Jr is a high energy show, full of lots of dance and movement sequences. Please indicate this on your audition form; you may be asked to present these skills at the audition.

Important Dates:
* Callbacks: Saturday, June 23rd 10am to noon; Read through: June 27th (time TBD)
* Rehearsals start Tuesday, September 4th
* Rehearsal times are Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-7:00 and Sundays 1:00-5:00. You must make all efforts to be present at all the rehearsals for which you are scheduled as to not hold back this nine week rehearsal process. If there will be conflicts (such as previously scheduled appointments, vacations etc.), please be prepared to let us know at the auditions.

Mandatory dates *Non-negotiable*
* Move in at theatre: November 3
* Tech and Dress rehearsals: November 3rd, November 4th, and November 5th
* Performances at Georgian College Theatre – School Matinees: November 6 – 9 (Must be available from 8 am- 3:30 pm)
* Performances at Georgian College Theatre – Public Performances: November 9th, November 10th, November 11th

Audition Information:
Session 1: For anyone interested in a primary role, which includes:
Aladdin, Babkak, Omar, Kassim, Genie, Iago, Isir, Manal, Rajah, Jafar, Jasmine, Sultan.

These auditions will be scheduled in hour long sections for groups of 8-10 people. We will begin with teaching a small dance/movement sequence along to a song in the show with everyone, so please dress appropriately for movement. 

After that, all attendees will individually audition. You must prepare a musical theatre song (not from this show) that showcases your ability and skills. Be prepared to sing a cappella or bring a karaoke track, as no accompanist will be provided.

Prior to your audition, you will be sent a script excerpt to become familiar with, which will be read at your audition.

Lastly, after everyone has completed their individual auditions, the group will perform the dance routine learned at the beginning. For those who have indicated on their audition form, they will be given a quick opportunity to share any special acrobatics/gymnastics tricks.

*Anyone who auditions for a primary role will ALSO be considered for featured/ ensemble roles*

Session 2: For anyone interested in auditioning ONLY for ensemble groups and featured roles such as Agrabahns, Genie’s dancers, Guards, Spooky Voice and the Cave of Wonders, as well as several other fun and high energy roles (see description below).  We intend to give every cast member a featured part at some point in the show, so show us your stuff!

These auditions will be scheduled in hour blocks with up to 15 people. All attendees will warm up with some dance and movement activities. The choreographer will teach a simple dance sequence to be performed in smaller groups.  For those who have indicated on their audition form, they will be given a quick opportunity to share any special acrobatics/gymnastics tricks.

No individual audition is required. Everyone will learn an ensemble song from the show. The song will be sent to you by email prior to your audition date. 

The directors may ask some attendees to read for featured roles.

Session 3: Callbacks will be made for anyone we are considering for a role and need additional information to make the decision. (Not every person being considered will be called back.)

Ensemble & Featured Roles (either gender):
  • The Cave of Wonders is the ominous voice that instructs Aladdin to fetch only the lamp from the treasures within.
  • The mysterious Spooky Voice, conjured by Jafar, reveals the location of the lamp.
  • Razoul, the rough and commanding head of the palace guards, answers to Jafar.
  • The Beggars (3) are a small group with whom Aladdin briefly interacts.
  • The Shop Owner is a marketplace vendor from whom Aladdin steals bread.
  • The Fortune Teller unwittingly helps Aladdin escape the guards in “One Jump Ahead.”
  • The Attendants (2) accompany Prince Abdullah on his journey to Agrabah.
  • The Guards (2) follow Razoul’s orders.
  • The Apple Vendor is a merchant who reviles the beggars and from whom Jasmine unintentionally steals an apple
  • The Ensemble in “Friend Like Me” is conjured by Genie to help wow Aladdin by singing, dancing, and assisting in performing fun and fabulous magic tricks.
  • The Entourage, led by Aladdin’s three pals, helps to create the visually spectacular parade through the palace in “Prince Ali.”

Auditions are now closed!